Marketing Institute of Singapore Business School (MIS Business School) recognises that a well-developed system of student support is vital to students' ability to gain the best from their studies. A comprehensive range of student support services and facilities is provided and is continually reviewed for improvement. A system for recording and follow-up of student received queries, requests for advice and feedback is also instituted to cater for student needs. MIS Business School facilitates the provision of student support and guidance by ensuring that:

  • An experienced staff is identified to have overall responsibility for the co-ordination of student support and guidance issues;
  • Student support and guidance provision is met in ways which are appropriate to the Institute's overall approach to learning, teaching and student support;
  • Appropriate staff are identified as first point of contact for each course of study;
  • Information regarding these first points of contact is communicated to all students and staff;
  • Support Services facilitate the provision of student support and guidance by ensuring that their services are documented and publicised to students and staff through a range of media including the Institutes' web site.

For a complete listing of our services and also information about the school, students can refer to the student handbook, which will also be given out to students during their orientation.  

The students orientation gives new students a better understanding of the Institute.  It is an opportunity for the students to meet fellow course mates.

Through the orientation, any queries such as campus resources, programmes and services can be addressed by the staff.

Students orientation will be conducted on the first week of the first semester. Students are highly encouraged to attend this session.

The Marketing Institute of Singapore Business School (MIS Business School) has in place a comprehensive and systematic pastoral care framework to support the development and well-being of all students.

Counselling services are provided to enable students to mitigate stress and even to overcome the various issues of life.

The following counseling services are available:

  • Career Counselling
  • Individual/Group Counselling
  • Academic Counselling

Our counsellors can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .