Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence (CQ): Master the One Skill You Can't Do Without In Today's Global Economy.

Course Structure

Duration: 2 days
Date: 25 & 26 May 2017
Time: 9am to 5pm (7 hours per day)
Application closing date: 2 May 2017


Through this training programme, you will realise the differences between individuals and organisations that are effective in today's globalised, multicultural world, and those that fail! You will seek understanding of an important skill set - Cultural Intelligence (CQ) which was developed to provide an academically valid way of measuring and developing intercultural performance.

The programme also leads you to discover your own personal CQ via the CQ assessment platform which predicts multiple types of performance and adjustment. Unlike most other intercultural programme, it not only provides good insights of one's intercultural understandings and mindset, but also predicts how one will perform in a culturally-diverse situation.

Watch CQ videos here.

Training programme objective

  • To deepen your understanding of Cultural Intelligence (CQ).
  • To give individuals a working understanding of CQ and to demonstrate its practical application to life and work.
  • To help individuals develop their CQ profile and its relevance to the Global Effectiveness.
  • To realise the capability to function effectively across national, ethnic, and organisational cultures.

Learning outcomes

By the end of completing this training programme, you will have the skills to:

  • Appreciate Cultural Intelligence concepts and what it interprets with relevance to Global Effectiveness.
  • Define the research background of Cultural Intelligence, its assessment platform and what it predicts.
  • Review your own Cultural Intelligence profile and identify effective skill-set for the intercultural setting.
  • Demonstrate the skills of mapping cultural differences and distinguish the influences of the seven cultural values.
  • Design a strategic cultural intelligence development and action plan.


  • Through the CQ Self-Assessment Report*, you will identify your own strengths and developmental opportunities for functioning effectively in a multi-cultural setting. (Own CQ Profile.) Sample of CQ Self-Assessment Report
  • You will also through the Assessment Report discover your personal scores on the seven Cultural Value Dimensions.
  • Attain Global Effectiveness through Research-backed guidelines and structure the developmental progress of your Cultural Intelligence. (CQ development plan)
  • With Higher cultural intelligence, it is proven to improve performance in culturally diverse situations, specifically in the areas of:
    • Cross-Cultural Adaptability.
    • Judgement and Decision Making.
    • Creativity and Innovation.
    • Cross-Border (International) Communication and Negotiation.
    • Strategic Thinking and Leadership.
    • *It is mandatory for participants to complete the CQ assessment prior to the start of class.

Training programme outline

Introduction to Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Developing CQ knowledge

Importance of CQ to your effectiveness

Developing CQ strategy

The Four capabilities of CQ

Developing CQ action

Cultural challenges

Mapping cultural difference

Understanding and reflecting on the CQ Assessment Feedback Report

Applying CQ in the real-world

Developing CQ drive

Creating a CQ development plan

Target participants

Marketing and Sales Professional who want to discover their global potential and thrive in the mist of the challenges of todays' globalised world.

Training methodology

Participants will also undergo a CQ Self-Assessment 2 weeks before commencement of the class. A feedback report on individual intercultural capabilities will be provided with assistance in interpreting the scores, personalised CQ Profile summary and proposal on future development.


Working experience in any field or industry: 2-3 years. Proficiency in English: GCE "O" Level or the equivalent.

Trainer's profile

Mr. Jonathan Lee
MBA, Exe. Dip. Dir.; G.Dip.MM.; BSc (Hons) BM; Dip. M (CIM-UK)

Jonathan works in the Infrastructure/Construction industry with the main focus on areas of Business Development and General Management throughout the Asia Pacific Region. He held various operational and general management roles at a renowned European company. Concurrently, he has a proven track record of leading diverse teams with P&L responsibility and driving strategic, operational and integration initiatives in China, the Philippines and Asia during his 25 years career.

Jonathan found Cross-Cultural understanding and training to be the most important factor to be successful in todays' global business environment. He was certified by the Cultural Intelligence Center as a CQ Certified Facilitator.

Registration Fees

Course Fee: $890 (before GST)
*$100 off introductory discount
*10% off for members
*Additional 10% off for early bird sign up (before 21 Apr 2017)
*Additional 5% off for group sign ups.

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