The Diploma in Sales and Marketing (DSM) programme is currently not being offered.
The Diploma in Sales and Marketing (DSM) programme is specially designed for individuals who wish to acquire marketing knowledge and skills to take on the challenges of the rapidly changing business world in the field of sales and marketing.
It is suitable for sales and marketing practitioners in all sectors who seek to upgrade their professional selling skills and marketing competencies for more effective marketing performance and career advancement. It also aims to equip non-marketing students with the essential marketing capabilities to enhance their employment prospects in a sales or marketing career.
There will be both formative (class participation and tutorials) and summative assessments (group and individual assignments) for Modules 2 and 3.

Modules 1 and 4 will be synchronised with the assessment methods and procedures outlined for the Professional Diplomas, as they are the common modules having the same syllabus and learning outcomes.

Modules 2 and 3 will be assessed based on coursework and there will be no written examinations, as students in the programme are mature working adults. Students will learn to do research, work in a team and think for themselves. Upon graduation, students are able to demonstrate that they could undertake a project and bring it to completion.

Students need only to achieve an overall average of 50% to pass the module. Students who fail in any module will be required to re-sit the final written examination or re-work the major assignment.

All students are required to fulfil the attendance requirement of at least 75% for each module before they are considered eligible to take the end-of-semester examinations.
Only students who have successfully completed and passed all required assessments (unless exempted from the module) will be awarded the Diploma in Sales and Marketing (DSM) by MIS Business School. .

Graduates of the award are entitled to use the designatory letters “DipSM” after their names. The use of the Institute’s membership designatory letters (e.g. AMIS or MMIS) is a separate entitlement and subject to admission to the membership of MIS and fee to be paid in accordance to the membership category.

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The Marketing Institute of Singapore Business School reserves the right to vary, change and amend the module content, entry requirements, course fees, curriculum, examination rules and regulations, lecturers, lecture date, venue and other aspects of the course at any time prior to and during the delivery of the modules.
Programme Structure & Curriculum
The programme consists of four modules to be completed in 6 months with a total of 100 contact hours (36 hours each for ‘Consumer Behaviour’ and ‘Selling and Sales Management’ + 14 physical classroom hours for ‘Fundamentals of Marketing’, excluding 20 actual online hours + 14 contact hours for ‘Marketing Planning and Strategy’).

Modules Code



Fundamentals of Marketing*
Marketing Planning and Strategy
Consumer Behaviour
Selling and Sales Management

* Integrated with the online course in Kotler Business Program (KBP) – ‘Essentials of Marketing’ (Kotler Impact).

The Delivery of Modules may not follow the sequence as depicted above.

Module Descriptions
DSM401 Fundamentals of Marketing
The aim of this training course is to equip students with a good knowledge of the fundamental concepts of contemporary marketing and their practical applications. Students will learn that marketing practices are not merely confined to advertising, sales and use of digital media. The module covers a wide range of modern marketing related topics including marketing orientation, marketing environment analysis, market segmentation, targeting and positioning, marketing research, the marketing mix, and ethical issues.

DSM402 Marketing Planning and Strategy
The training course teaches students the process of devising marketing strategies to achieve organisational objectives based on a comprehensive analysis of internal and external factors and the use of appropriate strategic tools. It also builds the students’ skills in developing an integrated marketing plan for successful implementation. >
DSM403 Consumer Behaviour

This module introduces students to the fundamental theories and concepts of consumer behaviour. Students will take the perspective of a marketer who needs to understand consumer behaviour to plan, implement and evaluate effective marketing strategies. The focus will be on understanding how consumers make decisions and the factors that influence their behaviour. The module examines the process of consumer decision making and includes topics such as motivation, personality, attitudes, lifestyles, culture, family and group influences. 

DSM404 Selling and Sales Management
This module focuses on activities involved in personal selling and managing a sales force. The topics covered will range from learning about personal selling skills, understanding the sales function which is the primary source for generating revenue for most organisations, to appreciating the various perspectives of contemporary sales management and its process. This module also provides opportunity for students to develop the necessary qualities and skills required to become a professional salesperson or an effective sales manager

Entry Requirements

All applicants must possess any one of the following or the equivalent recognised qualification:

  • 3 GCE 'O' level credits with at least 3 years of working experience
  • Higher National ITE Certificate (Higher NITEC) in any of the following areas:
    • Accounting
    • Banking Services
    • Engineering with Business
    • Human Resource & Administration
    • Event Management
    • Leisure & Travel Operations
    • Passenger Services
    • Retail Merchandising
    • Service Management
  • MIS Business School's graduates who attained the Certificate in Sales and Marketing (CSM)
  • Certificate or the equivalent from a recognised PEI:
    • Professional Certificate in Business Management (MDIS)
    • Professional Certificate in Marketing & Communications Management (MDIS)
    • Certificate in InfoComm Technology (MDIS)
    • Certificate in Business Management (PSB)
    • Certificate in InfoComm Technology (PSB)
    • Certificate in Foundation Studies (Kaplan)
    • Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Kaplan)
    • Management Foundation Studies (SIM)
    • Certificate in Foundation Skills (Informatics)

English language requirement: At least IELTS 5.5 or a pass in GCE 'O' level English or its equivalent. Applicants may be subjected to a written and/or oral assessment of their language proficiency conducted by PEI.

Minimum age: 16 years old

The Marketing Institute of Singapore Business School Academic Board reserves the right to change the above requirements and selection at its sole discretion.

The course fee is at S$4087.40 (inclusive of 7% GST).

A non-refundable application processing fee of S$107.00 (inclusive of 7% GST) is chargeable upon application and submission of documents.

The course fee covers lesson delivery, Industry-wide course Fee Protection Insurance Scheme, MIS affiliate membership and DOES NOT include textbooks and other miscellaneous charges, if any. Please click here for detailed list of charges.

In the event of a failed module, students are to pay a re-module fee and attend classes before they are allowed to submit their coursework for assessment or considered eligible to take the prescribed examination.
Marketing Institute of Singapore Business School is also committed to adhere with full integrity of the announced Marketing Institute of Singapore Business School Refund Policy that is communicated in its student contract, student handbook and website, amongst others. Please refer to the Refund Policy for further information.
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