Private Education Act And CPE The Private Education Act was legislated in December 2009 to strengthen the existing registration framework and enforcement provisions of Private Education Institutes (PEIs).

The Act provides for the establishment of the Committee for Private Education (CPE) is part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). As a statutory board, the CPE is empowered with the legislative power to oversee the new regulatory regime and promote best practices among PEIs to raise standards in the private education sector over time.

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Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) The Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) serves to protect students' fees in the event that a private education institution (PEI) is unable to continue operating due to insolvency, and/or regulatory closure. The FPS also protects the students if the PEI fails to pay penalties or return fees to the students arising from judgments made against it by the Singapore courts.

Marketing Institute of Singapore Training Centre (MIS Training Centre) has put in place an insurance arrangement, with Lonpac Insurance Bhd – a CPE appointed service provider, under the FPS that ensures fees paid by students to the Institute are insured.

EduTrust-certified private education institutions are required to adopt the Fee Protection Scheme to provide full protection to all fees paid by their students. Students enrolled in MIS Training Centre courses are required to pay insurance premium for the FPS which varies depending on the fees of course insured.

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Medical Insurance All local and international students are required to purchase medical insurance throughout their course of studies with MIS Training Centre. MIS Training Centre has put in place Medical Insurance in which all its students (except those specifically allowed to opt out under the EduTrust Certification guidelines) will be insured by Group Hospital & Surgical Insurance.

Local students (Singaporeans and PRs) who have existing medical insurance plan which includes an annual coverage limit of not less than S$20,000, at least B2 ward in government and restructured hospitals and 24 hours coverage in Singapore throughout the course duration.

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PEI - Student Contract MIS Training Centre will enter into a standard PEI-Contract with all our students, as required by CPE, with the aim of enhancing the confidence of students and parents in the quality of education in Singapore. This is a mandatory requirement by CPE

The contract will state all the important terms and conditions governing the relationship between the student and MIS Training Centre. This will include, and is not limited to, the course information, refund policies and breakdown of the fees collected. MIS Training Centre will honour the terms and conditions defined in this contract.

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The Marketing Institute of Singapore Training Centre is registered as a Private Education Institution under the provisions and regulations of the Private Education Act 2009 in Singapore. The registration period is valid from 16 June 2015 to 15 June 2019. (Registration number: S93SS0158H)

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