The Training Centre's Executive Council is an elected body comprising distinguished personalities from the industry and academia. The Executive Council shall hold office for two years from its institution at an Annual General Meeting and has the responsibility as the policy-making body of the Training Centre. Its role is to set the direction for the Training Centre’s growth and development. The Secretariat of full-time staff assists in the daily operations of the Training Centre.

Executive Council Members (PEI Managers)

  • President: Mr Roger Wang
  • Honorary Secretary: Ms Gerry Gabriele Seah
  • Honorary Treasurer: Mr Freddy Tan
  • Council Member: Mr Lee Kwok Weng
Co-opted Council Member
  • Mr Dylan Tan
  • Mr Mark Laudi
  • Mr Douglas Koh Kew Sion

The Senate The Senate is an Advisory and Consultative Committee to the Executive Council on the management of the Training Centre and the development of long-term goals and strategies for the Training Centre.

Senate Members

  • Dato' Seri Dr. Derek Goh